Basilisk Is Back! Approved By Tom Fulp!

2013-10-24 19:58:26 by Basilisk

Banned for Remixes due to Copyright. 3 Months Later, Basilisk is back to bring you Hints and Previews of a New Upcoming Basilisk Album! Fanned by Tom Fulp and 5 Albums Later... A Light Emerges From the Dubstep Underground! Or shall we consider...Darnkness!

Preview 1 "So Hard": Listen To So Hard
Preview 2 "Dayum!": Listen to Dayum!
Preview 3 "Touching Air": Listen to To Touching Air
Preview 4 "The Finale": Listen to The Finale!
Preview 5 "Sax Man Has the House": Listen to Sax Man Has the House
Preview 6 "Audible Alert": Listen to Audible Alert

DON'T FORGET about Riot Control; Last Years EP! Preview: Riot Control- Basilisk

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Basilisk Is Back! Approved By Tom Fulp!


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2013-10-27 21:03:48

I'm glad I favorited you, You're music is awesome! Glad to see you back after you ban. Looking forward to more "Darnkness!" :P

Basilisk responds:

Thanks man, should be mid November if I keep it at this pace